Depression and low mood treatment

Depression may be considered one of the most common psychological conditions, unfortunately it's also a condition that can have a serious impact on one's life when not managed. 

It’s normal that people with depression tend to keep their problems to themselves, which makes it hard to properly know who needs help. Before you go to seek help for yourself or a loved one you think has depression, it perhaps could be beneficial to understand what depression is and how it may affect you.​

Depression and low mood treatment

Depression may be considered one of the most common psychological conditions, unfortanetly its also a condition that can have a serious impact on ones life when not managed. It’s normal that people with depression tend to keep their problems to themselves, which makes it hard to properly know who needs help. Before you go to seek help for yourself or a loved one you think has depression, it perhaps could be beneficial to understand what depression is and how it may affect you.

What is depression and how can it affect you?

Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects not only how you feel, also how you act and think in extremely negative ways. It can cause a tremendous feeling of prolonged sadness, low- mood, no- motivation and loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Due to feelings and behaviours that arise and the emotional and physical problems that arise it can decrease your ability to function at home, work and school.

What causes Depression?

The symptoms of depression can be different from person to person, how you experience feelings of sadness and to degree of strength. Based on this, symptoms can vary from mild to severe, these might include, 

  • Low and depressed mood, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, hopelessness and sadness.
  • Avoidance of talking about feelings with others.
  • Burn- out, Nothing left to give, unmotivated to go to work and school.
  • Loss of energy and increased fatigue.
  • Change in sleeping and appetite patterns, excessive or less eating or sleeping.
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities.

Just because depression is a serious condition doesn’t mean its impossible to treat. Fortunately depression is treatable, it just takes commitment, patience and time.

Depression, what is the risk factors?

Just like other mental health conditions, Depression has its own type of risk factors. These can increase the risk of developing Depression, and it depends on your context and situation.

These can include.

  • Personality: People whom have low self -esteem, who are overwhelmed by stress or are pessimistic seem to be more likely to experience Depression.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure over time to violence, abuse, neglect or poverty can contribute towards making some people more vulnerable to depression.
  • Genetics: when depression may run families. An example is when one identical twin experiences depression the other has a 70 percent chance of having it as some point in their life.
  • Biochemistry: The difference in specific chemicals in the brain can contribute to symptoms of depression.

Helping you with depression

Depression, despite being a common psychological condition, is something to take seriously.

Depression can at times be normally manageable, there are other times when it can not and depression hits and you can feel overwhelmed by life’s worries. Unfortunately, a lot of people experience depression and emotional, physical and mental weight it brings along with it. If you have had enough of depression taking over your life and relationship with others, feel free to reach out. Between 80% - 90% of people with depression eventually respond well to ‘ACT’ therapy. Want to find new ways of managing your depression in ways that would help live a better and meaningful life. Reach out today

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“ Jonathan is a wonderful person, I could feel it from the moment he walked in to the room. He is a very open minded spirit and connected easily with me through his empathy. It is obvious he cares for his patients and gives 110% in the sessions. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who is ready to get to know himself/herself better and work on achieving a better emotional balance.”


“I started going to Jonathan’s a couple of months ago. Wauw. I am so so happy with him and the therapy. In a very short time we dived into some deep issues I had, but in a very natural and calm way, and have since worked on specific things inside of myself. And I am BLOWN away by the improvement of my mental health. The tools and conversations are easy to digest, and very effective. Jonathan is a person you feel calm being around, and his way of listening, understanding and communicating is second to none. I’m so happy I started going there, and I know that I’ll continue for a long time. I can’t recommend Jonathan enough!”


“I have been very happy recieving therapy from ACT of living. It have been the most helpful. Even though you can't expect it I have left every session with a new understanding of my world, -I would dare call it an epiphany. Jonathan has been very skilled in helping me resolve my problems and I feel as I am in a new better place now after my sessions. I would highly recommend him:)”


“To everyone out there, my therapy session with Jonathan has helped me a lot to become more authentic every single day. I didn't know that I need help to become more authentic and accept myself the way I'm regardless where I live, my inner critic or other external expectation. It's tough especially when I'm living abroad, (in my case) changing countries every 4 years, so I had to adapt to new environment while getting to know who I am and my contribution in this world. Jonathan has helped me a lot to notice my authentic self and to show up everyday as her! It's indeed a live changing service that he provides.”


“Just as i have told Johnatan, when i talk to my friends and family about my issues, they give me their opinions and come up with specific solutions to my problems, however during therapy i learn to understand my feelings and work with my emotions, something i have never done before and as it turns out is extremely important. I become more and more in peace with the fact that all i feel and experience is a part of my journey and my feelings are not only human and okay but also valid.I can absolutely recommend Johnatan as a great therapist to everyone! I have come a long way and made a huge progress but i know that there is always room for improvement and that is why i will continue my sessions.”


“Hey. I had the pleasure to have five sessions with Jonathan. They went great. He is a great listener and greatly focused on helping. He kept me in my safe bubble and gave me good tools to be working with, which is awesome. Thank you, Jonathan. I would definitely recommend him, to anyone struggling!”


“First i would like to thank you Jonathan for Your patience, kindness and specially ears. As one of the people that you are always a ladder and shoulder to others it is very difficult to get ears to listen to you, and you have actually not only listened but also made me going back to align myself. It has been a wonderful experience and enthusiastic. Jonathan, thanks for putting your heart into what you do!”


“Jonathan and I had 13 sessions together and from the very first session I felt the warmth of his personality. I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me in my journey of trying to understand myself better, and he most certainly did. I always entered a space where I felt safe sharing my thoughts and feelings, and he was always very present with me in that space. Sitting with someone who you feel wants to help you, felt healing in itself. That’s what I think is the most amazing thing about Jonathan; he comes from a very genuine and loving place.”


“I came to Jonathan in a very difficult time. I was deep in depression and anxiety which made me more or less feel helpless. To say it clear I was on the verge of giving up. But I didn’t want that feeling to take over my life, so I made a choice of wanting change and for that I needed help. I reached out to Jonathan and booked my first session. It was a really difficult session for me because it meant that I needed to face the reality of the situation I was in which was very scary. It ended in a very emotionel and honest session, and Jonathan made me feel safe to open up and actually listened to what I had to say. It made me feel like there was hope for a better future for me, and I had not felt that for a very long time. 


"I started working with Jonathan a few months ago and can say he has truly helped me change my way of life. During a depressive episode I reached out to him for help and have found myself coming out of it and reframing my view on life with his help. he approach is warm and gentle but firm. He has deep understanding of compassion that helps you find compassion for yourself. Our session can be intense but I always leave feeling better, having a real understanding of myself, and with tools to use. I recommend Jonathan highly to anyone that is looking for a caring therapist who goes the extra mile. 

I have looked for therapy since moving to Europe. Jonathan is the therapist for me, for sure."


"Jonathan has helped me now for about 3 months. I came to him struggling with stress, and on the brink of falling back into a deep depression. He helped me focus on rediscovering my personal values and, through that process, let go of the emotional baggage that contributed to my issues (some of which I had been holding for years).

With his help, I have managed to open up to the values that truly drive me as a person. And, most importantly, Jonathan guided me with a lot of skill and compassion in starting to live those values in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend him. He has helped me much more than a few words in a review can say. He has really helped me let go of the negative forces in my life and open up to a future full of positive energy and hope."


"I approached Jonathan for support with anxiety and panic attacks. Jonathan is a very warm, calm and empathetic person and an incredibly inspiring presence to work with. His consultation has provided such a positive benefit in my life, and given me so much more confidence in my self. I can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough for anyone seeking personal help."


"I can’t recommend Jonathan enough. His approach really opened my eyes to a lot of constructs I built up in my mind that were weighing me down for too long and causing me a lot of pain. I was pleasantly surprised that he brought his own individual style into psychotherapy and that made me feel much more heard and understood.

I never thought therapy would help me so much and I can advise anyone reading this to just go for it.


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